About Us

We believe that Independent Living is understood to mean that people with disabilities have the right to control and direct their own lives and to participate actively in society. This participation may include making cultural and life style choices that minimize reliance on others in decision making and in the performance of everyday activities.

DCAI believes that people with disabilities are only limited because of architectural and attitudinal barriers.

Independent Living includes taking risks, having the right to succeed or fail, taking responsibility for one’s decisions and actions and fulfilling a range of social roles in their home and community.

In Keeping with this belief, people with disabilities are actively involved in all levels of the Center’s operation. A majority of both Staff and Board of Directors have one or more disabilities.

DCAI was the first totally rural Center to be funded by the United States department of Education. Since opening in 1980, DCAI has served thousands of individuals in one way or another through a variety of services that assist people in being as independent as they choose.

The goal of all services is to offer options for independence in the community. The fundamental concept behind Independent Living is that every person is entitled to self-determination and control of their own lives.

By fostering community involvement on the part of people with disabilities, much greater acceptance and understanding of people with disabilities is found in all areas of the community.

DCAI is a not-for-profit, tax exempt corporation, committed to serving the needs of people with disabilities. DCAI offers a vast array of services on a non-discriminatory basis.

Services are provided in a predominantly rural area, in which DCAI is centrally located. This often requires covering distances of 60 to 100 miles or more to meet a person’s needs.

DCAI provides services to people with disabilities who have self-determination in choosing how they want to live. Our services give people with disabilities the option and opportunities to make this determination.