Entering the CDS Program 

To receive the CDS Program the Consumer must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be MoHealthNet eligible
  • Be able to self-direct
  • Be physically disabled
  • Meet nursing home level of care

To enter the CDS Program the following steps must be completed:

Step 1) Consumer in need of assistance calls the office requesting services.

Step 2) Consumer speaks with Intake Specialist. All demographic information is gathered and a face-to-face visit is scheduled.

Step 3) The Program Specialist performs the face-to-face visit and submits the request to Department of Health and Sr Services (DHSS).

Step 4) We must await approval from DHSS to begin services.

Step 5) Once we received approval from DHSS, Payroll training is completed to educate the consumer on timesheet procedures, MoHealthNet fraud, and Rights and Responsibilities of the consumer and attendants.

Step 6) Services begin allowing the consumer to remain in the least restrictive environment they choose by assisting with activities of daily living.

Step 7) Per Code of State Regulation, DCAI maintains monthly contacts with each consumer approved for services through DHSS to monitor service delivery. DCAI also performs home visits to ensure service delivery and consumer welfare.