IL Services

IL Services

The staff in the Independent Living Department (IL) is committed to helping individuals live as independently as possible in the least restrictive environment.

Some of the services by the IL Department are:

Advocacy – helping with issues on Medicaid, housing, Social Security, Veterans Administration, employer, accessibility issues, funding for rental assistance and working with consumer to be a self-advocate.  Listed below are some helpful websites:

Referrals – making referrals such as:
To a medical supplier in your area for durable medical equipment that may be purchased through your insurance, Other departments at DCAI such as Education, Transportation, Consumer Directed Services (CDS), Funding Resources, Housing, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Support Groups.  Helpful websites are:

Information – we try to provide information about doctors, attorneys for Social Security, facts about your disability, housing, transportation, equipment that might assist with your independence, or basically any information you request.

Skills Training – This includes but shall not be limited to assistance with financial management, filling out applications, health care and teaching the consumer how to be a self-advocate.

Peer Support – we try to provide staff or other individuals with a similar disability for consumer to talk to and helping consumer or family members to cope with their disability.  We also offer Support Groups in Viburnum, Potosi, Salem, Lesterville, and Steelville.

TAP Telephone – We participate in the Telecommunications Access Program (TAP).  This program helps consumers get telephones for the hearing or visually impaired.

Equipment – We try to help consumers get the necessary equipment to help them remain independent in their homes.  This is equipment that is not covered by your insurance such as bathroom aids, walking aids, etc.

Nursing Home Transition – If you know of a person who is in a nursing home facility that wishes to return to living in the community we try to help them do so through the Money Follows the Person funding.  To learn more about this funding visit

Accessible transportation – is a major barrier for people with disabilities in rural areas such as ours. DCAI provides accessible transportation for our consumers and Foundation clients to medical appointments, social security hearings and Viburnum, Potosi and Steelville Support Groups. Also listed below are some helpful resources to access public transportation.

 Missouri Rideshare and Carpool Programs |

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation | Missouri Department of Social Services (

MO Rides – Transportation Referral Service in Missouri

SMTS, Inc. » Anyone can ride (

We can be reached at 1-888-450-5288 or 1-573-244-3455 or 1-573-244-5407.
Our fax number is 1-573-244-3002.