Our Values


Our Values

The Disabled Citizens Alliance for Independence Center is dedicated in providing consumer-controlled services to people with diverse and significant physical disabilities. These services are provided by following a Four Core Service guideline (Peer Support, Advocacy, Information and Referral, and Skills Training) along with Nursing Home Transition.

We believe Independent Living is understood to mean that people with disabilities have the right to control and direct their own lives and to participate actively in the society.

Independent Living includes taking risks, having the right to succeed or fail, taking responsibility for one’s decisions and actions and fulfilling a range of social roles in the home and community.

We believe every citizen in this country, regardless of their disability, has a right to live in the community of their choice, in the most integrated and least restrictive setting. We believe a‖ communities should be accessible for a‖ citizens, regardless of their disabilities.

Disabled Citizens Alliance for Independence will continue to educate and advocate with consumers for their right to live independently, and have the same freedom of choice that other citizens without disabilities have.

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